At a Glance:
  • 4+ years of Digital Marketing Experience: The infrastructure & execution force between multiple 7-figure companies
  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional: Hundreds of hours of Digital Marketing education and implementation.
  • Experienced Speaker: Cody has spoken on over 100 stages in the last 10 years
Cody Burch
Digital Marketing Expert, Automation Enthusiast & Implementation Fanatic
The Red Anchor Process
Drop the Anchor
When you "drop anchor" in your business, it means you gain complete clarity on your product and message; and are secure when then wind and waves crash.
Identify the Catch
Who is your product or service for?  Who is it not for? Identifying the "Catch" or the market will allow you to craft your messaging and your offerings to fit your audience.
Set the Hook
When you are clear on who your market is, you can now set the "Hook." Clearly knowing their fears and frustrations, wants and aspirations is invaluable to crafting your offer.
Your Technique
There may be bountiful competitors in your niche, there is only 1 person that does what you do, how you do it.  Learning how to differentiate yourself and artfully explain your technique will eliminate any competition.
Most-Requested Speaking Topics
"Execution is Everything: How to Build the System To Bring Your Dreams to Life"
What you'll learn in this session:
  • A Plan To Bring Your Ideas to Life: A step-by-step process to bring your big ideas and dreams to fruition, even if you're not an "implementer"
  • Clarity On Customer Journey: How to create experiences for your customers along every step of the Journey
  • Implementation Checklist: How to "not get stuck" as you start the implementation process, even if you don't have a team.
"Anchored: How to Stay Centered Amid the Waves & Wind of Entrepreneurship"
What you'll learn in this session:
  • The Importance of an Anchor: Help prevent "shiny object syndrome" by getting total clarity in your business so you can avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship
  • "The Catch and The Hook": How to get priceless insight into your market (The Catch) so you can craft products & services that solve their pain points.
  • The Technique: How to identify and develop a proprietary.process so you can be set apart from the competition.
Upcoming Speaking Events:
REACH Academy Live - May 18-20th
Colorado Springs, CO
Fast Inc. Network Business Accelerator - June 7-9th 
Phoenix, AZ
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