Prescription Without Diagnosis is Malpractice…

Have you ever heard the saying, “prescription without diagnosis is malpractice?”

I talk to a lot of business owners and they want a quick win.

“Tell me what I should do in my business make more money…I don’t care what it costs, I’ll do it today…”

Then they start foaming at the mouth and jumping up and down.  They get that hollow look in their eyes as they’re thinking of all the things they’ll do with their new revenue.

Simmer down, sir or madam, we need to examine your business and see what’s actually going on.

And this isn’t just business owners; everyone wants the easy button.

Have you ever seen a fitness product that touts the strain, length and duration of the actual workout?

Of course not, they sell you the dream of a short, quick easy solution.

You see some fitness model stroll across the TV screen and say something about “in only MINUTES per day” as she curtsies.

Yeah, minutes.  About 90-120 minutes and you’ll get results…

To truly get the results you need, it’s not about taking a magic pill or secret or hack to get lasting change.

Have you ever gone to the doctor and they prescribe you medicine within the first 15 seconds?

Or course not.  You sit down with the doctor and they want to know what’s going on.  They ask you how you feel, what your symptoms are, how your body reacts to different stresses and inputs.

As they interrogate you, they start to postulate what might be the root cause of your discomfort, then they lean in. They put their hands on you, look in your mouth, and gaze deeply into your ear canal.

The look, poke, prod, listen, ask questions, and observe.  They ask Siri what she thinks is wrong.

(Ok, kidding on that last one.)

Only after a thorough examination do they dare prescribe the remedy.  They rely on their in-depth questioning and observation and years of experience to tell you what’s going on.

They are doctors, not vending machines.

The Importance of a Diagnosis in Your Business

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is, “How am I getting customers?”

What I mean by that is, “what stages does someone go through to become a customer”?

If you don’t know, then now is a great time to pause and define it.

  • Do they find you online or offline?
  • How do they reach out to you?
  • Do they call you or order online?
  • Who is involved in the process?  How many people?  What can be automated?
  • Do they come into your storefront, medical practice etc?
  • What happens first, second, third, fourth, in your business?
  • Where do people drop off in your ideal process? Is it after filling out a form? Scheduling a consultation?
  • Do you have an upsell or downsell?
  • How much does it cost you to acquire a lead?

Once you know how you’re getting customers, you can start to diagnose the problem.

Let’s say you have 100 people schedule an in-office consultation and 0 of them show up.  I think we’ve identified a gap we can try to fill in your system.

Or you have 1,000 visitors to your landing page and only 3% are opting in to your offer.  Ok, now we’re getting somewhere.

You had 10,000 people go through your video training and 0 customers on the side.  OK.  Ouch, but OK, we can work on that.

Identify the process, assess the systems at each step (a person on your team or a piece of software), identify your metrics (I want to convert 40% of traffic to my landing page to my email list and then 10% of them to customers, etc), look for gaps…

And diagnose the problem.

Need more opt-ins?  Have a clear offer and great copy writing.

Want more clicks on your FB ad?  Choose a great image with compelling call to action.

Need more people to show up for their in-office consultation?  Send them a handwritten card and call them the day before their scheduled appointment.

Want more traffic to your site or offer?  Go to the traffic store (i.e. Facebook) and buy some off the shelves.

A List of Possible Bugs In Your System:

Here is a list of “bugs” that could be in your system:

  • Unclear offers
  • Poor copywriting
  • Incongruent offers
  • Poor branding
  • Weak call to action
  • Offer isn’t valuable enough
  • You don’t speak to your customers’ pain
  • Systems breakdown
  • Disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other
  • No follow through

The Biggest Bug of Them All

I often find that the biggest bug in the system is a lack of total clarity by you, the business owner.

You don’t know how you’re getting customers, you don’t know exactly how to talk to them at each stage and you don’t know how to move them from 1 stage to the next.

You don’t know why they’re falling out of your system (or maybe where they’re falling out).

In Conclusion:

Take a few minutes to clearly audit your business.  What steps are there, who is involved at each step, and how well are you doing on that step?

Want some help?  Comment below or message me on Facebook to let me know if you want help looking at your system.

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