The Crippling Effect of Incongruence

“Something doesn’t seem quite right…”

Have you ever felt that way?

I was in Dallas for a fundraising conference a few years back and I remember seeing some of the women in our group shortly after an offsite lunch break.

Their faces were ghastly pale.  “Uh…how was lunch?” I asked.

One of them blushed as she told me about it (the others stared blankly ahead).

They went to a place that was, um, how do I put this?

The name of the restaurant, which they had never heard of before, implied it was about the type of food they serve.  But, in actuality it was a euphemism about the type of women they employ.



They thought it was one thing and it was something totally different.


“Scent” is a term used to describe how something “smells” and if you can follow the scent all the way to an offer.

Think of a bloodhound.  He puts his nose to the ground as he tracks his prey through the woods.  He follows the trail until he loses it, or until he finds what he’s looking for.

Let’s say you click on an ad that promises a natural herbal remedy for a common cold, and it takes you to a landing page selling you a used Buick.

What!?  The trail has gone cold.  You lost the scent.  You close your browser or hit the BACK button.

If you don’t want your leads and customers to “bounce” from your ad, landing page, or offer, keep reading.

Here are 3 places to make sure you have complete congruence, and help create an environment and journey for your customers and subscribers.

Your Offers

The Splinter Offer: One way to construct your offer suite is to first get complete clarity on your core offer.

What is the core service you offer to people in exchange for their money?  What value are you promising them that is in your “sweet spot”?  How do you get them the best results?

Let’s say it’s a recurring membership to your Chiropractic Clinic.  That’s the ideal, core service you’d like the most people to buy.  You know you can provide the service, add value and get results.

The next thing would be a “splinter” off that offer.

Maybe it’s a package of 4 treatments.

It’s not as expensive as the core offer, but it moves the needle for your customer and brings in some revenue to your practice.

The important thing is that the 4-Pack is totally congruent with your core offer.  It makes logical sense that if you do a great job for your customer they will be interested in the next step.

Can you splinter your offer 1 more time?  What about 1 treatment that still gets results for your customer?

That’s congruence.

A single treatment first, then offer a 4-pack (and throw in some value-added bonuses like an x-ray or treatment plan), that then leads to your core offer of the ongoing service.

Your Branding

Do you have your brand dialed in?  To me, branding is what people say about you behind your back.

“Oh, I like that company, they are so friendly and great to work with!”

“Brand X is interesting, they are straight-shooters and give you a lot of tough love AND results.”

“Brand Y feels like me.  I can relate to where they are coming from…”

Don’t just limit your thinking of “branding” to your logo and your color palette.

Expand it to your style, your website, your offers, your point-of-view, ethics, faith, and foundation.

Here’s a fun activity: take a look at your customers and you’ll see a reflection of yourself and your brand.

I was at an event that got great results for their constituents but they did it by being mean and insulting to the people in attendance.  Every person  I met on the team was viciously committed to results at the expense of people’s feelings.  Now, I don’t personally relate to that approach so I was uncomfortable (and didn’t choose to work with them) but the room was sold out!  So, kudos to them for knowing their brand and being consistent.

It would be congruent to have a no-nonsense approach to branding, web, and logo design for this company.  Hard-edged, cutting, competitive.  Winner take all.  Think “pit-bull.”

On the other hand I work with a team that is very caring and genuine.  People are drawn to this company because they connect at a heart level.  They have extremely happy and loyal customers, and when you get to know them you see they are just like the owner of the company.  They are kind, caring, genuine and authentic.

This company can have more heart-centered branding.  Yes, they want you to get results but they want you to do it in a caring way.  Their branding is around family, heart, spirit, etc.

Does your branding reflect your values and services?  How would you describe it (rugged, caring, woodsy, pit-bull, Wall Street, tough, loving…)?

Do you have a kickboxing gym with kittens on your business card?  My guess is, “no.”

Your Subscribers

How do you communicate with your subscribers?

In the digital age, there is unparalleled access to your company (if you choose) via Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, that can further enhance your branding congruency.

However you want people to feel about your company can be further emphasized in your emails and on social media.

Are you serious and intense?  Witty and light-hearted?  Irreverent?

The cool thing is you get to decide.  Just keep it congruent.

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