At Red Anchor we combine timeless marketing strategies with the latest techniques to help you achieve more ROI on your marketing dollar.

The truth is, many companies are using marketing tactics from 2007 (or even worse, 1997).  Or worse, you’re investing your marketing dollars with no reliable method to track their effectiveness.

In today’s world, you want to send your dollars out into the marketplace, put them to work, and get a return.

And whether it’s conversion funnel implementation, email automation, or intricate retargeting campaigns, those results are possible.


The only 4 things that matter in your business of attracting and serving customers are:

The Anchor: What Keeps You Grounded

In your business, your Anchor keeps you steady in the storm.  It’s your “why,” your purpose.  When the waves crash, the winds swirl, and you’re surrounded by chaos, the Anchor keeps you grounded.

There is a reason you do what you do.  There is a reason you’re in the business you’re in, and why you serve the people you serve.

Companies that have a clear Anchor know their purpose, their “why,” whom they serve and how they serve them.

The Catch: Understand Your Market

Once you have a clearly defined Anchor, you can then look out into the great blue ocean and find the Catch.  This is the market you serve; your customers. When you’re deciding your ideal customer, ask yourself:

  1. Where are they?
  2. What do they want? 
  3. What is their pain?
  4. How can I serve them?

If you don’t have clarity in your Catch (especially their pain points) I encourage you to pause, set the Anchor, and define that in your business.

The Bait: Sell Them What They Want

Having honed in on your Catch, the next step is the Bait.  This is your product or service you have to offer the market.  Truly understanding your market make this the easy part.

Understanding their pain will put you in a position to uniquely craft a product/service that specifically addresses and resolves that pain.

What keeps them up at night?  What do they really want?  How can you help alleviate that pain and brighten their future?

The Technique: Reeling Them In

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time you know that there is 1 more piece you need.

If you were a crab fisherman, your Anchor is, “I want to catch crab, work 2 months out of the year, and provide for my family.”  Your Catch is, well…crab, and they live in the ocean. The Bait is a Cod Smoothie.

But a tourist can’t jump on a plane to Alaska, climb aboard a chartered crab boat, sail out into the cold, dark night and toss a hook into the water with a Cod Smoothie attached, and actually catch a crab.

Why not?

They’re missing the key component: technique.

Technique is how you do what you do.  It’s your secret sauce.  Your proprietary process.

Though there may be many competitors in your field, there’s only one YOU.  Doing business how you do it, the way you do it.  You are completely unique in your Technique.

In the myriad businesses I’ve worked with and coached, Technique is the real differentiator.  This separates the “wantrepreneurs” from the legit successes.


“How Do I Price My Products and Services”

“But, How Much Should I Charge for My Services??” I see this question over and over in Facebook groups, in-person communications, in the Question box during webinars….you name it. It seems everyone has the same question when it comes to pricing their products or services in the marketplace. The problem is clear; you don’t want to …


Hi, my name is Cody Burch and I founded Red Anchor Marketing on 1 principle: to help you break through the clutter and the noise in your business and achieve complete clarity in your products and your processes.

Let me ask you a few questions about your business:

  • Do you know the cost to acquire a lead or a customer?
  • Do you know the lifetime value of each customer?
  • Do you have clarity on the ideal customer journey and the stories you tell at each stage?
  • Do you have a system in place to “catch” people when they fall out of your ideal journey?

If you’re looking to have clarity that outpaces your complexity, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us today to find out more about our Red Anchor process.



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